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Onebackpage reinvented – Local users can find and fiss each other in 24 hours.

Is OneBackpage living up to its name? Find out Here

It’s been difficult for those who depended on Backpage since it disappeared from our screens in 2018. Clients and escorts have had to look for other ways to pay their bills.

We all want to fill the gap that Backpage left. It has been difficult to bring new life to other less well-known escort pages. There are new websites popping up every now and again claiming to be Backpage’s successor. But, more often than not they don’t live up to the glory of Backpage.

OneBackpage is a new search engine that claims to help you get laid with women no matter where you live. OneBackpage is a site with a name that’s so similar to the one we loved. It offers ads for escorts from all walks and countries. Is it really a steal or are they trying to steal your information?

We have compiled all the information you need about the latest imitator, but can OneBackpage live up to its name? For our top review, read on.

First Impressions

Ouch. OneBackpage.com seems like a virus in waiting. Seriously. You should take it seriously. The sidebar is stuffed with advertisements for sketchy websites and top bars are cluttered with links to external links. To make matters worse, many of the ads use the same bright Blue Screen of Death color as the Blue Screen of Death. This is not something you want to see on your computer, particularly if you are looking for escort service sites.

The front page features all the loud, brash ads, but it also lists the most recent personals from the United States. This is a great way to browse the site and see what kind of offers are available. However, that perk was not enough to make me doubt OneBackpage.com.

It wasn’t easy at first. Every link brought up a new pop-up as I tried to navigate to my destination. Sometimes the pop-ups were in-page, sometimes they were completely new windows. It was annoying to say the least. It’s trying to imitate Craigslist and Backpage.


OneBackpage is a similar escorts site to other sites. But, if you look closely, you’ll see that this front doesn’t work. There are several categories that you can filter using in the main search bar. These include bars, salons and sports equipment for sale. You can also filter by accounting jobs. You’ll soon realize, however, that these safe for work links can only contain a maximum number of ten posts across the country.

However, the sexy search tabs are quite another story. For a variety of exciting options, you can check out their Dating section:

  • Women looking for men
  • Looking for women?
  • Looking for women?
  • Men looking for men
  • Casual connections
  • Friendship.

The fun begins when you click on the Personal Connections tab. You have a variety of options for your pleasure.

  • Female Escorts
  • Body rubs
  • Modeling
  • Dom and Fetishes
  • Trans Escorts
  • Phone and Websites
  • Adult Industry Jobs
  • Cam Show
  • Porn Content
  • Escort Reviews

You’ll find many options for all of them – the entire Personal Connections tab has over 200k advertisements from across the country.

The list doesn’t stop there. You will find advertisements for Live Escort Webcams and Premium Local Escorts at the top of this page. All of these links will take you to other websites than OneBackpage.com. Almost everything on this site does, for better or worse.

OneBackpage.com is not without its flaws. These escorts don’t provide the same level of detail as other sites, such as their rates and interests. Instead, they look more like a Craigslist Personals advertisement: they only give you the minimum information and blurry pictures, but they want you to call them.

These pop-ups are worth a closer inspection. Many have links to a fake hookup website. and other pop ups look so amateurish that you start to wonder if these people are real or just trying to steal your money. This site is difficult to recognize as legitimate. This page looks like a huge pop-up advertisement.


With all these red flags, it’s safe to browse the site. You don’t need to sign up or take any risk browsing the site. This was, according to what I had seen so far, the only positive thing about OneBackpage.com.

Be prepared to pay if you want to place an ad. You will need to pay $4.00 for a listing. Any additional promotions are an additional cost.

  • Register as Premium for $6.00/day
  • Highlight your Listing for $3.00/day
  • Automate it to the Top at $6.00/day

I am confused by the high publication rates of ad services. In fact, it only confirms my suspicions that many of them are fake.


Unfortunately, there is not much to discuss here.

The site appears to be very active, which is a plus. It has hundreds of thousands of ads in every country and you can browse them all for free, no matter where you are located. It’s great that users don’t have to create profiles. This allows them to search in their own time and without worrying about a paper trail. That’s the only positive OneBackpage has.

It has nothing else. It’s a huge mess with very few great features. The site’s positives were completely destroyed by the constant stream of pop-ups.


When you consider the fact that many of these ads are spammy, hyperlinked, or simply a waste of time, it’s surprising how costly they are to publish. Although I cannot say that they are all garbage, it is obvious that the majority of the ads are fake. This is especially true when you consider other quality escort websites like MegaPersonals or CityxGuide, which have ads that are discreet, professional, and so well-written that you can easily see what each escort has to offer, sometimes down to the price range. Compare the three sites and you will see what I mean.

OneBackpage was a site that I found convincing. It is run by people who want to lure helpless humans into believing they will meet the escort of their dreams. In reality, we would drain our Venmo without ever meeting the babe in the ad.

Each time I looked, one or two pop-ups would appear. These pop ups seemed to be different advertisements, but Jerkmate.com kept popping up. It would pop up and I would hear an irritating audio clip that said “come to Jerkmate.com”. This became quite annoying pretty quickly.

Sites that are suspicious should make you nervous about law enforcement using them in sting operations. Overall, this site has more to do with it than it does good. So stay away.


OneBackpage can be a confusing mess and will make you feel like a fool. Although there were a lot of posts, I was assured that only a few of them were real. A site like this would be unwise for anyone with any sense, and even less likely to pay for its services. It might be used by a few escorts just because it contains the word Backpage, but it won’t really be worth it.

Many new sites offer similar services to OneBackpage. Most of them are decent. OneBackpage is not one of these sites. No matter what you do, this website won’t get your city laid. It has nothing to offer and the only girls it will lead you to are those trying sell you crap you don’t want.

If you don’t want to be sent on a wild goose chase, Onebackpage is not the place to go. It’s better to try one of the many escort service online.