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Everything You Need to Know About CityxGuide

Our lives would be so different without Backpage! New U.S. laws have made it impossible for clients and sex workers to find each other online. It’s almost impossible to find that special someone you have been longing for. With reliable websites like CityxGuide, it’s easier than ever to find escorts. is an escort directory similar to Backpage. It’s filled with sex workers from all walks of the globe. From classically-beautiful babes to kinky young teens and even an amateur porn star or two, CityxGuide is a pussy lover’s paradise. Here you will find the escorts you are looking for if you want to quickly get sex. Sites like these can guarantee sex within hours, so there’s no reason to waste time looking at porn.

First Impressions ranks as the best escorts site. There are many ad boards for escorts located in cities across the country. Many escorts sites can be a bit out of whack in terms of geographical positioning. is not one of them.

Are you tired of looking through Alabama’s entire web? This site is the perfect place to end your browsing days. CityxGuide isn’t cluttered with unnecessary bells and whistles. It keeps it simple with lists for different countries, states and cities around the world. CityxGuide is able to provide you with all the information you need, and can connect you to escorts within a 5-10 or 20-mile radius.

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You can view the available escorts for free by clicking on the pages. You’ll be taken to a page with a listing of all the available escorts in your area. The ads may feature services, places, experiences and demographics depending on where you live. You’re likely to find a service that you love.

Click on an ad you like and you’ll see tempting pictures of the most adorable escorts around. You will find contact information, addresses, and even details about their tattoos in these ads. Many escorts advertise their prices so that you know how much they are willing to spend.

Many of the ads also feature massage parlors offering happy endings. Every once in a while, there’s a dominatrix who is ready to offer you some pain and pleasure. CityxGuide has a wide range of escorts, from the standard to niche. Some escorts are horny housewives who are looking for extra marital fun. Others are professional porn models looking to make extra cash. These sites also offer a safe haven for young, fresh teenagers looking to enjoy some light phone sex.

There are more than just escorts available. offers live chats, phone sex and sugar baby ads. This is all theoretically. These buttons will redirect you to adult friend Finder or other legitimate sites. This website is only saved by the extensive strip club section. It allows you to search by location and provides details such as rates for covers, lap dancing, and drinks.

If you are interested in creating an advertisement, you can sign-up for a basic membership. You can choose from categories such as phone, domination, Web sex and phone sex. You can include as much or as little information as you like. This includes measurements, tattoos and prices as well as services offered and incalls. You can then post your ad in a city and wait for clients to come in.

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Anonymity is important to clients. does not waste time on membership. Access to all the titillating information is completely free of cost. Access to their stripclub database, which is a great perk in the world pay-to-play sex websites, is also free. It is rare to find an escorts website that is free.

If your an escort, and you’re looking for an ad to promote your services, you’re in luck. Escort ads are free, but you can upgrade your ad to get it to the top of the search page for your city. These are the places where the real money begins to flow. You will be charged $5.00 per hour for your ad. does not offer discounts for longer hours. A full day will run you $120.00. Yikes. Keep your costs low by sticking to times of the day when you feel you will have greater success. Make sure you list yourself in as many categories and places as possible. has a plan that will auto-repost your ad at the top for one hour each day at the same price as before. You can also choose to have your ad sponsored so it has a bigger thumbnail on the main page. This option is great at $4.00 per week.

You don’t have to spend a lot if you are an escort looking for a quick sex.


CityxGuide is the best escorts website. It’s easy to use, it works well, it’s functional and it’s simple. There are so many categories that you can choose from, making it easy to find the perfect escorts. First, the ads are full of detail that escorts can show. It’s easy to see all about them. Clients can see everything about them before they get down to business.

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Although it seems too good to true, this site is real. The site is used by both clients and employees. They report great success in connecting with people. stands out among the rest with this online thumbs-up. It is easy to use, similar to Craigslist for escorts or porn.

clients can use it for free, and escorts can also go completely payment-free if they wish. This is a simple site that you will find.

Cons is a great site. There’s a lot to love and not much to be concerned about. Although most ads are real, there is still the possibility of scams. So be careful. Ask questions. Asking workers for links to other sites where they work is a good way to confirm that they are legitimate. You’ll have a great time if you are polite, direct, and professional with the workers.

The site can be a bit clunky when you use it on a smartphone, but that’s not a major problem. No matter if you are using a tablet, phone or laptop, you can still find the information that you need.


This site is, short story short: it’s the best. Do not wait, you can have the dominatrix or escort of your dreams in no time. Maybe you prefer something lighter like cam action or mobile sex. What are you waiting for? Get rid of the porn and watch some real action tonight.