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Backpage is gone, but better sites have arrived

Backpage is the largest player in the online sex market. It was the best place to sell sex and buy it for years. Escorts used the site to promote their services, and pimps used the site to find customers. was the best job board for sex workers.

Backpage was often localized (a Backpage Sydney or Backpage California existed, etc.) and advertised jobs, used cars and other wanted ads. However, it was most well-known as a adult personals site.

Unfortunately, Backpage and other similar sites had a dark past. Although the site was used by legitimate sex workers, it was also a place for illegal sex trading. Backpage was used by seedy underage sex ring owners to display girls who had been kidnapped, forced into prostitution, and more. According to reports, most victims were minorities and children.

Backpage was seen as a common foe by the FBI and the State, since prostitution is a subject that has been heavily criticized by the authorities. It was believed that adult workers and escorts could not be taxed because their business was entirely cash-based. This resulted in millions of dollars in tax losses for the US government. This was why it was one of Trump’s first priorities when he became president. Everything changed in April 2018.

Backpage Shutdown: Why?’s owners were found guilty in 2018 of many illegal activities including online sex trading, money laundering, and facilitation of prostitution. After being investigated by law enforcement agencies and United States Justice Department officials, President Donald Trump created FOSTA (the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) as a sex-trafficking statute. This was followed by the Senate’s approval of SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) less than a year later. was shut down permanently as of April 2019. Some claim that authorities used the prostitution angle to bring Backpage to trial on money laundering charges. Trafficking issues were secondary.

The Attorney General stated in an official statement that was the dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sexual sex. It was a place where sex traders often advertised to children and adults. This illegality is over now. Backpage was seized by the Department of Justice last Friday (18 April) and cannot be used to facilitate or promote human trafficking.

The End of Personals Ads

The April 2018 FOSTA bill, which was passed in April 2018, also removed Backpage. It also affected hundreds more similar pages such as local personals pages and escort advertisements pages, porn sites, web cam websites, social media sites, and personal sites of adult performers, dominatrices, fetish model, and other adult employees. The website was taken down if there was any possibility that the workers were there because of sex trafficking or forced prostitution.

Many people in the sex business lost their jobs after Trump signed the bill on April 2018.

The Craigslist personals section was one of the most significant losses due to this act. Each local Craigslist hub had an area where people could post casual hookups. However, these pages have since been deleted.

As is the usual case with things that disappear, there’s always a replacement. This was no exception. Many women placed local ads on forums and websites that didn’t allow sex workers to post. Twitter was a popular place for sex workers, although it had a bit more discretion than the Backpage website. Many workers made it a point to tell their clients that they were involved in sex work consensually to avoid law enforcement and authorities coming down on them.

Backpage Shutting Down: The Backlash

The government shutdown of Backpage caused a significant backlash from concerned adult workers, who were concerned about their incomes and livelihoods. This act had an impact on people around the globe, not only in the US. Protestors in London’s Soho district appealed against this decision but it was too late.

According to some reports, the number of working girls and active escorts has increased significantly in major cities like Los Angeles and New York, as well as across California, Washington, and Texas. Although it is not known where the jump occurred, there is no doubt that federal and government officials were unhappy about it. It is possible that many escorts, who may have relied on repeat clients, decided to make themselves available to the wider community to increase support for other sex workers in similar positions.

The FOSTA bill made it so that many sex workers were forced to take to the streets to do their jobs, which was much more dangerous. They were more vulnerable to being abused by pimps or clients who worked in certain areas. Although trafficking victims are more secure online, they can still live a harsher life on the streets.

What happened after Backpage was closed?

Backpage, it was claimed, helped law enforcement to keep an eye out for criminal activity and prostitution underage. All prostitution became ‘off-the-grid’ after this site was gone. It was therefore impossible to track it in any way. This made it much more difficult to track down sex trafficking organizations, and worse, it didn’t affect victims of sex slavery in any way. Still, child sex rings continued to exist and girls were being forced into the sexual trade.

Section 230 of 1996 Communications Decency Act states that “interactive computer services” cannot be considered the publishers or speakers of third-party content. This means that the website cannot be sued if someone posts illegal content on social media, blogs, forums, or other websites. Blogspot, for example, cannot be sued if it posts pornography.

It’s basically the First Amendment, but for the internet. Although it’s one the most important laws online, the FOSTA bill slowly chipped away at the law, which could lead to its complete elimination further down the road (something Joe Biden supports). It is up to you to decide if removing free speech online would be a good idea. Google and Facebook, two Silicon Valley giants, already have rules in place to prevent hate speech.

Controversy Around Backpage Indictment

Backpage’s owners, Jim Larkin, Carl Ferrer and Michael Lacey were investigated. They revealed some fascinating information. Emails between site employees revealed that site administrators immediately removed any posts that contained certain words or phrases. Site administrators immediately deleted any content that mentioned child sex, underage workers, or sex trafficking like ‘lolita’ or ‘nubile’.

Some suggested that this information should have been shared with police, rather than being deleted. This information was not made available to the police when the service was shut down.

Sex Industry Takes a Huge Hit

Adult workers of all kinds began to disappear from the radar in a post-Backpage world. The United States saw a decline in the number of adult workers, including dominatrices, escorts and cam girls.

Krystle was a semi-famous call girl and pornstar based in New York. She said she had to leave the industry because she couldn’t afford the upkeep of her property. She was struggling to market herself and her income fell significantly. Krystle was not mentioned in many localized New York newspapers because they preferred cheaper workers. Raven, a Los Angeles woman who made her living as an escort for 21 years, stated that she was forced to take on secondary work because her career was in danger.

These were only two examples of the hardships that adult workers suffered. Some were forced to seek other income sources and some were taken in by local pimps, dungeons or massage parlors. Establishments and pimps are bad for the adult industry because they often take a large percentage of the workers’ money and pay little attention to their well-being.

Which Site is The New Backpage?

Many sites tried to take over Backpage as the top place for adult workers to find work, but none of them succeeded. It was difficult for any of these websites to become popular due to the sheer number of new sites. Google would show that there were hundreds of new websites being created every day. However, these platforms didn’t help adult workers find work.

Adult workers instead turned to forums, group chats, and social media to promote themselves. Tumblr was a popular place to reach clients because of its rapid-moving nature. Authorities had difficulty keeping track of the escorts due to the constant stream content on Tumblr.

Adult dating sites were another favorite site. The information people posted there was encrypted and private so it couldn’t be accessed. But Switter, a new website, changed everything.

What is Switter?

Many Twitter accounts were banned or told to cease advertising after the FOSTA bill was passed. The Switter was created as a’social media platform for sex workers’.

Switter, an open-source platform that mimics Twitter’s style, is called Switter. This serves to bypass US laws and prevent it from being affected by the FOSTA cuts. Although there are many similar sites to Switter, Switter is unique in that it is available for everyone to use, clients and workers alike. Although it was created many years ago, it only gained popularity after the introduction of FOSTA.

Switter has done an amazing job replacing Backpage. However, the site still receives only about 10,000 listings per month.

It is quite odd that it hasn’t, as inter-connectivity have increased rapidly in the last few years. Switter has become the largest escort network in the world, with active internet users increasing exponentially every year since January 2010.

Closing Backpage: The Social Implications

According to working girls, fewer people are willing to hire adult workers since the FOSTA bill was introduced.

The Act made it impossible for escorts and their clients to communicate with each other. This isolated them from the public. The stereotype that prostitutes are on the lower end of society was not helped by the Act. It also created the clichéd image of a prostitute who is drugged up and serves men in a back alley.

Switter advertises itself as a safe place for sex workers, but this implies that escorts don’t need any safe spaces at all. Adult workers should be accepted into mainstream society, so they don’t have to hide on the streets.

As a result, the FOSTA bill has had no positive effects whatsoever. It has had the exact opposite effect of what it was intended to do. Victims are being trafficked using means that can’t easily be tracked by law enforcement. Adult workers have thousands of jobs, which puts more pressure on the state welfare system. Pimps are exploiting working girls who can still find work in the streets and running illegal parlors. Workers are being more attacked, which places greater pressure on the police and hospitals to treat injuries.

There has been no change in the escort business, and it is worse than ever. All across the US, more arrests are made than ever (a Arizona woman was recently murdered while working on the streets).

The Best Alternative to Backpage

Although the internet made selling sex easier, it also made it safer. Without a Backpage hub, an escort can’t know who the driver is when she gets in a car.

What’s the solution? Switter certainly has done a lot, but the best way to navigate the escort market would be to use an adult dating site such as this.

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