Snapfuck Review? Easiest App to Snap n Fuck Tonight

JUST BANNED – A new app allows local users snap and fuck one another within 24 hours.

Legit Snapfuck Review: Safe or Scam?

Snapchat was revolutionary when it first appeared on the app market a few years back. It was revolutionary in its ability to send images that wouldn’t be lost forever. Like everything else in the digital world, it was used eventually to help people find sex.

Snapchat has become synonymous with sexual imagery. Snapchat was a hub for sharing sexy photos, including vaginal snaps and Dick pics. Wow! That’s quite a few genitals. The best thing about this site was that every photo disappeared within a matter of seconds. Perfect.

Snapchat revolutionized the way we use explicit content and sent it. Snapfuck is now taking over from Snapchat. The site makes use of the idea of temporary photos within a dating website format to create a unique platform for people to meet, casual sex, and get laid. Although it’s a Snapchat-style hookup app, how does it compare with other sites? For our honest review, read on.

First Impressions

Snapfuck is not Snapchat-like. Snapfuck is very different from Snapchat.

Snapfuck seemed very simple to me. It’s almost too basic It has the appearance of a generic dating site, aside from the Snapchat gimmick. This is up to you, but my initial impressions weren’t overwhelming.


The registration process was fast and took less than 2 minutes. After verifying your email, you can set up your profile to start sexting real people.

Within seconds of creating my free account, I started receiving messages from several girls. I was a bit excited but realized they were trying to lure me in. I ignored it. Many sites have one or two fake users. But it quickly became apparent that many of the users weren’t real. You can easily spot a fake user by their lack of bio data and their made-up name, such as Destiny or Heaven.

It was true that there were real women on Snapfuck, and it was easy to message them. Snapfuck allows you to contact women via photos, emojis (a flirt), or your standard sext message. You can set the length of your photo to be visible to a girl, similar to Snapchat.

Snapfuck’s features are pretty limited. There is very little to do on Snapfuck other than scroll and find users, send messages or photos, and then scroll again. There is no interactivity or additional service.


Until you upgrade to Gold Membership, the number of photos you can send is restricted. The following price breakdown is available:

  • Trial for 3 Days – $5.83
  • 1-month subscription $34.95
  • 6-month subscription starting at $69.92

The 6 month package may be a good deal, but that’s it. The paid trial is not very appealing as it doesn’t allow you to reach everyone you wish to in 3 days. It can also take longer for people to reply to your messages. The user trial is the most popular because it offers the best value for money and requires little commitment. There is no free trial available for new users.

Although the price is fairly average for fuck sites, Snapfuck’s reach is very limited so it is still quite high.


Snapfuck has only a few positives. You can find a great number of members and users on Snapfuck so it’s easy to find someone nearby to have casual sex with if you keep looking.

The picture feature is a great experience. You have the freedom to get as filthy and explicit as you like. Snapfuck is a great app, even though it was borrowed completely from Snapchat.


Snapfuck’s biggest problem is its large number of fake accounts. Snapfuck is full of fake users. They are constantly flooding your inbox with spam and liking your posts, giving the impression that there are many users.

It’s true that the terms and conditions state something about the site using fake profiles to sell third-party stuff to you or to get you to upgrade your membership to the best. It’s still a big turnoff.


Snapfuck claims it makes it easy to get laid, but that is something that needs to be taken with a grain. Snapfuck has a lot of members, so it is possible to likely meet people for casual sex. You might end up talking to a fake person for hours and not even know it. Snapfuck is unlikely to lead to regular hookups. It’s very unlikely.

Snapchat is a great way to make friends and maybe get laid. Snapchat is free and allows you to test a lot of features. It also doesn’t bombard you with fake messages. You don’t have to believe what we say. Snapfuck has received less favorable reviews from other people, so most of them agree with Snapfuck. You should definitely give it a try, but don’t expect it will change your sex life.