Alternative to Bedpage? New Site to Fuck Real Girls

Bedpage is gone – A new app lets local users find and fuck one another within 24 hours.

Is Bedpage the New Backpage? Full Review

It’s what we want, but it’s not what we need: Backpage. The sweet world of escorts services will never be the same again. We’ll have to search for something else to replace the discreet hookup we long for. The sex industry suffered a major blow when Backpage was removed.

However, the demise of Backpage does not mean the end to the oldest profession in the world. New sites such as Bedpage promise to fill this void. Is it real? Or is Bedpage a waste of time?

First impressions

Oh, nostalgia. Bedpage will instantly transport you back to the mid 2000s via the internet with a first glance. It’s a great site. It has a large list of cities, organized by state, country, and region. All you have to do is click on one and get exploring. This site is a riff on Backpage more than Craigslist, but don’t let that fool you . The devil is in the details.


Although the site has many features, it is difficult to determine if they are real or just facades. There are storefronts, with little to no activity behind them. You’ll find advertising for childcare, musicians wanted, services and land for sale on the main page. Clicking on pages that are not related to sex will result in almost empty pages. Some pages, like those that feature administrative jobs or garden services, are empty.

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Romantic searches are however a different story. You can search under “Adult” to find the right person for you.

  • Adult Jobs
  • Body rubs
  • Fetish
  • Escorts
  • Male Escorts
  • TS
  • Phone Sex and Websites
  • Strippers & Strip Clubs

These are full of connections, unlike the ghost towns. The ads feature contact information as well as a summary of the different providers’ offerings. For any type of romantic connection, you can check out the “personals” section.

The site has few to no guidelines for providers to put on their ad. Contrary to other sites, which require providers to provide details, a photo, or rates, this site’s ads are vague and poorly written. sometimes don’t even include a picture. This kind of brings us back to Craigslist’s glory days and all the mystery surrounding the personals. You have to wonder, however, why anyone would want to go with ads that leave you wondering if they are sex pros or horny randos.


There’s nothing better than a little love for free! This site is similar to Backpage in that it doesn’t require you to pay any fees. If you are looking for some fun, you can enjoy the site without worrying about paying. Sites with sensitive information are vulnerable to hackers and danger. All potential clients’ information is anonymous . You just need to call the number listed in the ad to arrange a time and a price. You can be sure they won’t ask for your credit card details if you value anonymity.

You should be ready to spend a lot if you want to place an ad. According to Reddit users, Bedpage is a very expensive service with little or no reward.

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Free is a pretty incredible, and it’s nice being able to browse the pickins with no risks (as long you keep your browser private). A site that doesn’t require you to sign up is one that respects your privacy. Bedpage has a lot more personal options than you might think. They are hidden among other benign offerings, such as job postings, which gives it that same safety factor that Craigslist Personals is known for.


My first issue with Bedpage was that my divisions by region were to detailed. Are you open to traveling to make the right connection? It can be difficult to find the perfect dominatrix if a site is located between San Francisco and Oakland, which are only 20 minutes away. What if my dream dominatrix is only 40 minutes away and I am missing them because they posted in a different place than the one I’m in?

This site is also free but has many lower quality ads than other escort websites like CityxGuide or MegaPersonals. It can be difficult to find the right person because of this. Do your research Ask for additional links to their Twitter or ads if you are interested in someone. This will let you verify that they are not just a catfisher.

Bedpage then asks people who post ads to to sign up for Gmail, give a phone number and even provide a physical address. This is basically asking for escorts to be tied up in a sting. Bedpage is a disappointing website overall because it doesn’t care about worker safety and anonymity. Workers can’t trust that their safety and jobs will be protected if their ads are linked back with all their personal information.

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I would love to like Bedpage. I truly, truly want to like Bedpage. It’s hard to believe that this site will offer anything worthwhile, given the way it treats professionals’ privacy, the unorganized ads and the chaotic organization of cities, but I do. Although it offers an alternative to Backpage, it is still far from the paradise for sex workers that Backpage provided.

According to the opinions of sex workers I have read, they rarely have success meeting clients on Bedpages. I also wonder if clients can find escorts on there. It’s worth checking out your local Bedpage just in case. Keep your expectations low Switter and Adult Search will give you better results.