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Another celebrity’s nude photos are leaked to the public. It’s almost normal to eventually find naked photos of every singer and actress one day.

Of course, we’re not complaining. The majority of leaked nudes are hot and reveal a side to these stars that we wouldn’t normally get to see.

Unfortunately, as quickly as they are posted, many nude photos are taken down before anyone has a chance. Celebrity PR is very efficient. Luckily for you, we have gathered all the most popular nude photos together in one place. We’ve saved all the hot photos for you, so no more searching Google for them.

Before we get to the details, let’s look at how this new phenomenon of sharing nude photos came about.

It All Begone with The Fappening

In 2016, a hacker in Pennsylvania used clever phishing to gain access to the phones of celebrities. He sent thousands of emails to celebrities, including some who claimed to be from Apple.com and Google.com. Each celebrity was asked to enter their login information. The hacker used this information to gain access to their iCloud accounts. This gave him access to all their photos, videos, and almost all the content on their phones.

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You can expect a lot of topless photos, ass pictures, sexy videos and every other thing you can think of from these narcissistic, good-looking celebrities. It’s hard to believe that the hacker felt like the luckiest man in the world when they got their hands on those nude photos of celebs – it’s the stuff you only dream of.

The most prominent victims were Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Avril Lasvigne. Supermodel Kate Upton, model and wrestler Nikka Bella and Kaley Cuoco were also among the victims.

What’s the Latest on The Fappening

It is not known how the nudes were distributed, as the hacker who found them claimed that he was not involved in their distribution. Although we won’t know the truth, although the victims were upset that their sexy photos had been made public, the general population didn’t seem to mind. In other circumstances, we would only be able to see Avril’s tits in dreams. So the Fappening was the best thing to happen to the American people. The hacker has been gone from Facebook.com and other social media since the celeb incident. He has not been seen since March 2016, when he last posted.

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