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Doublelist to Find Sex – Is It Effective?

Craigslist was the original place to find adult activities back in the day. Craigslist has steadily earned a reputation as a place for discreet, no strings action. You didn’t even need an email address to use Craigslist. Every hour of every day, thousands of people visited Craigslist to find Craigslist personals.

Since Craigslist personals disappeared in 2018, many have searched for websites that can fill the void. While online dating is still alive and well, there aren’t many websites that offer the same level of stability, popularity, or number of users as Craigslist.

Enter Doublelist.

Doublelist promises to fill that sexy gap Craigslist Personals left in your heart. Doublelist claims to be a hookup site that offers easy sex within days of signing up. There are so many hookup websites out there that only want your credit card information. You have to wonder if Doublelist really is real or if this is a scam.

We’ve made it easy for you to sign up. Doublelist has been reviewed by us so that you don’t need to. Be aware, you might be surprised at what we discovered. For our honest review, read on.

First Impressions

The Doublelist homepage was very basic at first. Doublelist claims that they are just like other dating sites and apps, but offer better services, more users, and more interaction. Although it doesn’t have the same number of Craigslist users, Doublelist claims to be close.

However, when we signed up, our suspicions were raised. Doublelist will ask you a few questions after you have entered your email address. It isn’t a very difficult question but it does make you wonder. You can’t pick one or the other, as you will be redirected immediately to another dating site. One that is exclusively for gay men and one that’s only for straight men. Doublelist, as it turns out is a middle-man that redirects users to other platforms.

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Although I believe it is logical that gay men could find each other by assuming their gender, I have some questions about the straight situation. Doublelist does not ask you for your gender, and assumes that you are a man. Where will all the women go for hooking up?

You’ll be redirected to straight site and it is full of language about “wet spots to penetrate” or “lewd babies wanting to please your with deep swallowing.” The straight section reads almost like an alien trying to figure out what men want in the bedroom. It’s obvious that I doubt any women, even casual sex seekers, would sign up for this site.

The gay option is at least a little more straightforward-looking, asking you to complete the form to start meeting “nasty lovers.” Maybe it’s because it’s just geared toward men, and they need to only appeal to one audience (horny men), rather than two (horny men and women).

Doublelist’s first impression is not good. Doublelist didn’t verify my email address so I was suspicious.


GaysGoDating is a gay dating site. Once you sign up, you can scroll through photos of cute guys and choose who you would like to share a bed with.

These small photos (most of them very NSFW) have little labels at the top to help you locate Mr. Right Tonight: clean cut, twink, jock and bear are all popular options, waiting for you to find them. It’s even more bizarre that Doublelist is not mentioned anywhere. It has redirected me to a completely different location, which raises the question: What exactly is the point in using the Doublelist app?

It was just too good to be true. Even though I had an empty profile, I received messages from attractive men requesting my information. This was a major red flag. This is a major red flag. They forced me to sign up for their premium membership, which negated any benefits such as the newsfeed or “likes gallery”.

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The best part is that free members cannot access the username or profile picture of a member. Users are urged to upgrade to premium, as they cannot access their personal information. Thank you.

BeNaughty, the straight counterpart, redirects you to a similar site. My profile didn’t have any personal details so I got tons of messages from “horny girls” wanting to play. It was not worth my time. Doublelist is not mentioned anywhere.


Are you still skeptical that these websites are swindling us into signing up for their services? Both sites offer the same upgrade price for those who are desperate to reach these bots back. After creating your account for free, you will receive a 30% discount within the first 24 hours. However, after that it is business as usual. You can choose from four member packages.

  • 3-Day Trial at $1.50 per Day (billed once at $4.50).
  • 1 Month at $2.14 per Day (charged once at $64.20).
  • Three Months at $0.77 per Day (Charged once at $69.30).
  • 6 Months at $0.62 per Day (charged once at $111.60).

All of these will make each payment a recurring one. Be careful not to cough up any more money and cancel your payment before it is charged again.

It seems unjust that members were not offered a free trial. This is in addition to being a scam. Many online apps offer a 24-hour trial. Doublelist would be useless if there were no trial options.


It’s difficult to find any positives about this online site, despite the disclaimer. It claims it has millions of users and 100k members online at any given time, but it doesn’t. It claims it will open up a world of sexual fulfillment – but it doesn’t.

These sites have only two pros: you can see pictures of naked babes and registration takes less than 2 minutes. It’s not surprising that registration took so long, considering the website is a complete sham. Although I was required to register with an email, the website doesn’t require email verification to verify that they are genuine.

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There’s nothing going on at either site, truth be told.


Where do I begin? These sites employ bots and catfishers to post fake messages and get you to sign up. My profile will be empty so there is no reason for me to have ten messages unread on each site. People are waiting for me to reply to them to start sexting. This type of sexual baiting is cruel and can be used to make the most lonely of us give our credit card information in the hope that they want to start sexting. They don’t, let me be clear.

They openly admit that they may use your information to make the site appear more busy than it actually is in the Terms of Use. To increase their number, the company copies accounts from other websites and spreads it to new sites. The company also admitted to sending messages on your behalf. This, at least to my knowledge, is not legal.

While the sexy user may be real, it is not the one who sent the first message. Their image may have been taken from another site they were tricked to sign up for.


Double List is horrible. It is horrible. This is not Craigslist personals, and it will never be. You’d likely still have better luck using Craigslist for a hookup than here. If that’s what your looking for, you can use another dating site or, even better, any of the many other apps that promise sexual encounters.

You can easily find all your fantasies by looking at free nudes on any porn site or using the safe search feature on your browser. Doublelist is a scam site that will try to take your money. Doublelist is not the right app for you if you are looking to get sex.

Craigslist personals sites had their fair share fakes and advertisements for services, but not as many as Doublelist. This dating site should be avoided like the plague. You can find other dating websites, such as Fuck Local and Adult Friend Finder which are more rewarding and have real people as members.