Looking Craigslist Personals? Try This New Sex Sites (2023)

A new craigslist personals app lets local users find and fuck one another within 24 hours.

What’s better than Craigslist Personals These sites are better than Craigslist Personals

If you haven’t heard or seen the news recently, the days of casual sex hookups via Craigslist personals seem long gone. You can simply search Craigslist to find whatever you are looking for: hookups or dating, fuck buddies relationships, etc.

The Personals section of the famous classified website Washington DC has been removed as of August 9th 2018. This is due to concerns about child and adult human trafficking as well as prostitution. Craigslist is no longer a place to post or search for adult activities. You’d only find gigs, housing and jobs as well as new furniture listings.

Although most people would be able to understand the reasons behind shutting down a website for such an inhumane reason, many Craigslist users were left wondering where they could post about love now that their favorite classified dating site was gone.

Craigslist’s Personals section was in operation for many years. It quickly became one of the most popular sections on the site for users to post intimate encounters in their local area. Although the site is still available, you won’t find any gigs, housing or jobs. Try the Craigslist App (Washington DC residents in particular) to see it for yourself.

Although there were many allegations of human trafficking and prostitution against the service, many users were just using it to find other local people looking for hookups. CL users who have not used the service are now required to use other websites in order to meet strangers online.

There are many Craigslist alternatives. We’ve put together this article to help you find the best sites for hooking up that are better than Craigslist Personals. No matter where you are located, it doesn’t matter. This list has something for you.

Craiglist Personals: Why Are They So Popular?

People search Craigslist Personals for safety and because it is personalized to each location. Craigslist London has you covered if you live in London. Craigslist DC also has an app for those who live in Washington DC.

Craigslist is a shell of what it was before.

People were free to do whatever they wanted back then. This can be both a positive and negative thing. You could browse or post categories like Man for Woman, Woman For Couples, and even Man for Man.

Many people were able to use the service to find other locals who wanted the same things. While some may have used the service to harm others, most people only used it for their one purpose: to hook up.

There are many other sites that offer similar services, such as dating, posting, and classifieds. Many people have grown to love Craigslists, and value its anonymity online. The question is: Can any other site capture Craigslist’s magic like Craigslist? You can post ads seeking love on any site.

This post will discuss some of the best replacements Craigslist’s Personals Section. Below is a list of popular hookup sites as well as some classified sites.

Craigslist Personals: Why were they taken down?

People use Craigslist primarily to sell or find bargains on items that are too costly to buy new. CL posted a new post every 30 seconds on average. Looking for a new sofa in Northwest New York Are you looking for a used car? You’d see a poster advertising it, no matter what it was.

You could also use Craigslist for personal ads until recent times, whether you were looking for love or more casual, intimate encounters.

Craigslist’s personals section was deleted from their website in August 2018. Although no evidence has been provided to support the removal of Craigslist’s Personals section, it is clear that there are concerns about human trafficking and prostitution. The District Attorney of Washington DC passed a bill declaring that any site aiding the sex trade would be held personally responsible. All similar sites removed their relevant sections.

Craigslist will no longer allow you to search for personals sub-categories. They have removed the “Strictly Platonic”, section, which is more innocent.

Better Than Craiglist Alternatives

Today, almost everything can or is done online. This is true even for the dating world.

The world witnessed a boom in the number of dating apps and websites that offered similar services when Tinder was first introduced. The problem is that there was so much choice that it made it difficult for some people to find what they were looking. It was not enough for people to post ads with only their intentions. They had to communicate with others. It was for some more painful than waiting at the DMV or post office.

You can hide away hoping someone notices you. That doesn’t work. To stand out in Tinder’s crowd, you must be active. Like social media, no one will see your profile if you don’t post frequently.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, it’s possible you’re searching for a casual partner or something more kinky like a trio or an orgy. You’ll be glad to know that Craigslist has many other options than the Personals section. Continue reading to learn about the top sites that can help you find a hot hookup tonight.

While some of these places are classified sites, others are standard dating apps. We have combined several to make it easy for you to choose the best.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, a Washington DC-based affair site, is the best place to find a discreet, intimate hookup. Ashley Madison is a great option for discreet hookups in a world post Craigslist.

Ashley Madison will keep your information and secrets private, no matter what reason you have for wanting to discreetly hook up. The website recommends that users sign up with a separate address to ensure privacy. To access any of the website’s services and features, you are not asked to connect to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media accounts. You don’t need to upload pictures, but you can if you wish to.

Ashley Madison offers a way to make photos blurred to increase security. This makes the account anonymous, unless the user grants access to someone they are interested in. Then they can view all of their photos.

Another cool feature of the website is Quick Reply. Quick Reply lets users let others know that they like them. Users can reply with likes, favorites and other similar interactions. This lets them know you are interested in having a deeper conversation and encourages them make contact.

You can also filter out users that you don’t wish to interact with. This feature is beneficial for all parties. Ashley Madison was the victim in 2015 of a massive data breach. This was due to hackers based in Maryland. However, Ashley Madison has since improved its security.


While the world is more open to sex these days, there is still a lot of stigma around things like BDSM. BDSM.com aims at ending this stigma or making it easier for members of the BDSM community find like-minded people.

BDSM.com, another Craigslist alternative, is geared towards those looking for BDSM partners in their area. It makes it easy to find like-minded people by asking you for your gender and BDSM interests during registration. If you don’t want people to recognize you, you don’t need to upload pictures. If you are concerned about anonymity, you don’t have to provide any personal information.

BDSM.com is a great site for those who have a particular kink they are looking to please. You can browse profiles and post your interests to find someone who shares your interests.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder is another great Craigslist alternative for those looking for adult fun.

AFF is not only one of the most popular hookup websites, but you will also find ads for it almost everywhere you look online. This lets you know you are dealing with a legitimate website and not a scam. The company has been online since 1996, which speaks volumes about the site’s quality and the services they provide. They’ve probably been around since 1996, so they must be doing something right. AFF was one of the first online hookup sites to bring about the rise in online dating.

AFF is old-fashioned in its approach. AFF allows you to post photos, update daily and message people for absolutely free. AFF may be the most popular classified site in a world post Craigslist.

AdultFriendFinder is so experienced in helping people find hookups online that they were included in 2007’s top 100 most visited websites in the United States. AdultFriendFinder may be the right choice for you if you are looking for some adult fun from your home.


Happn is another popular dating site. It claims that its users can find and meet people they know, or who have met them in person before.

The website claims that it is the best place to meet people you haven’t had the opportunity to speak to, but they are also the most useful. Happn is different because it doesn’t just list people who live in your area. It lists people you have actually met during the day. You can also post about a connection you missed.

Yesterday, I saw a charming barista at Starbucks. But, I didn’t have the chance to speak with her. Happn allows you to log in and find them in your list. Happn’s idea is both exciting and crazy. How many times have you met someone you wanted to speak to but the circumstances were just not right? Happn hopes to make these connections real and tangible.


Yumi is the place to go if you are looking for a one-night stand.

Yumi was created to allow both men and women to meet and have intimate sexual interactions. This site is intended to provide instant hookups. You can choose from four default “cards”, which are available for you to flip by clicking on. Users have a chance of meeting their next casual partner every round with a 50 percent success rate.

With the site’s “cards”, there are many options. They offer almost any kind of sexual fantasies you could ever imagine. Yumi is a great place to try out sexually. It offers anonymity and safety, just like Craigslist’s Personals.

Yumi does NOT collect personal data like phone numbers or email addresses. You can upload a photo and confirm your gender identity to access the site. Yumi encourages users to upload photos and selfies. You’ll see people sharing their favorite photos or daily activities when you browse profiles. Your profile will be more prominent if you have more media. Yumi’s active user base is approximately 10 million.


Grindr is the perfect place for gay men to find other queer, bi, or trans men. It was created by Silicon Valley tech titans. This makes it quite popular. Grindr is the best gay app.

For anyone, the dating game can be complicated. For LGBTQ males, it can be difficult to find a partner, especially if you live in small towns where everyone knows everybody. Grindr was created to assist gay men with more unusual preferences in finding partners in their local area.

Safety and privacy are another major concern for LGBTQ males, particularly since some people might not openly discuss their sexual orientation with family and friends. Grindr makes it easy for users to find like-minded people in a safe and anonymous setting.


We’ve already covered a site for LGBTQ males, so it only makes sense that we also cover one for females.

Her claims that there are more than 7,000,000 active LGBTQ women on the site. This gives users a wide range of women to choose from. This is something that anyone looking for a partner would find appealing. You can’t place ads or personals on Her. It’s just as easy to browse through your favourite profiles and meet people.

Her not only provides a safe place for LGBTQ women to search for partners, but they occasionally host events in selected cities across the United States. Their users have a better chance to meet their partners and form a real connection.

Once you find someone you like, you can message them to start chatting. This app is as easy as any dating site. If you are in the LGBTQ community, give it a try. Her has a large community in the US and UK, especially in Centreville, VA, and Nova Hide (VA).

Craigslist Personals: A Final Note

Some more sneaky users still use Craigslist to post hookup advertisements, but they do so in a more discrete manner. Here’s a tip we will share with you. However, you should not use it at your own risk, as you could be banned completely from the site.

CL allows new desktop and mobile users to post ads on multiple pages simultaneously. This option is not available if you use the browser. This option is only available to Craigslist cl mobile/desktop users who have the app installed on their smartphones or desktops.

You simply need to post an ad for hookups and then list it in as many different categories as you can. It is possible to get it in at least 4-5 areas (business, jobs and services, etc). One post may get flagged but all other posts won’t. This means that more people will view your post, increasing your chances of getting in touch with someone.

A handy tip is to check out nearby areas and post ads. Someone in Arlington Hide might post an ad in Woodbridge Hide Hide, Fairfax Hide, or Chantilly Hide to have a good chance of connecting with someone. People in Manassas (VA Hide) might also be looking for people in Frederick, MD, or Eastern NC. You can use geography to your advantage, but it’s best not to post too far (if you are in Columbia, it’s useless looking for someone in York PA).

This trick will only work if you have the CL new mobile or desktop apps. People looking through the listings might flag your post immediately, so make sure you act quickly.

Forget Craigslist Personals

Millions of Craigslist users across the country were left confused after 2018’s closing of its Personals section. You should definitely try Craigslist (Washington DC users are the best; it is still very active), but you may not be able to find much success. It’s more likely that you will find listings for jobs, housing, and resumes.

There are many CL new options available online. You can use any of these sites to find your next hookup. We’re confident that you will find the right site for your needs, whether it’s a dating app or classified site.

Don’t be afraid! Register on one of these sites and you can start looking for fun in the area right now.