Is Well Hello Legit? A new app for sex that you can use instead

Hello, Gag Order! New app allows local users find and fuck one another within 24 hours.

Is Well Hello Legit? Dating App Review

Another day, another dating app review. Today we will be reviewing a relatively new dating app.

Hello is a great dating app. It’s not a scam, it just helps people meet fuckbuddies. How does it compare to other apps?

We’re going to share all the details in this WellHello Review. How likely are you to find casual sex at Well Hello? What is the cost of it? Is this the new Tinder? For our complete WellHello review, please read on.

First Impressions

Well Hello, despite its colorful and attractive homepage, looks just like a scam site. Many sample profiles of hot women, many of whom are named Honeygirl, Crystal, and Destiny. These obviously fake photos are accompanied by a few paragraphs that guarantee Well Hello will help find you your next girlfriend, hookup or swinger couple.

Naturally, I was skeptical. Two red flags were already indicating that Well Hello was not what it claimed. Things started to improve slightly when I was asked for my email address in order to verify my identity and age (something most scam websites don’t ask for), but then things rapidly deteriorated. This was the passage I found in the terms and conditions.


This confirms that the majority of people on this dating site will be fakes, but I continued to persevere. I signed up and provided an email address. Then, I got started. The fakes started immediately. Despite being a new member with no bio, I was bombarded with messages. I was begged to join their private channels, others ‘invited me’ to upgrade to Well Hello Premium Package, while one simply asked for my credit card information.

My motto is to put in some effort if you want a good swindle. WellHello. com won’t do that.


Well Hello is using lots explicit imagery, which is another red flag. WellHello. While is promoted as a dating website, the topless images and banners for porn sites and and state otherwise. You could see a menu at the top that featured an area called XXX Videos. This was a hub for adult content. Although the site offered free access to all the porn, it was not the best option. But, why would anyone visit a dating site just to view porn? You can find plenty of other sites that do this.

It was a bit like trying to navigate the homepage in a wrong direction. I tried to access the site’s menus but was too overwhelmed by pop-ups and ads to click any. After logging out, I returned to the site and was presented with a message asking me to upgrade my membership. WellHello doesn’t like this.

After some experimenting, I was finally able search for singles in my local area. follows the traditional dating site approach and not the swipe approach. This allowed me to browse as many users as I wanted. It doesn’t matter if you wait for a match before you can message someone.

However, the situation took a dramatic turn once more. Nearly all profiles of “girls in my vicinity” were fake. You could see it from the Instagram photos of pornstars, and models on Instagram. But their profiles were even worse. Most of their bios contained little more than a button that links to porn sites. I believe they are associated with Well Hello.

Well Hello has a few great features. WellHello’s’matching’ system is similar to other dating sites. It simply lists people who are near you. WellHello does not provide any other criteria to match people together. The site claims that it has 2 million members. However, it’s easy to see that this is not the case.

I was able chat with several members. However, as you would expect, they existed only in digital form. Their profiles weren’t enough to make it clear that they were not real people, but their conversations did. After exchanging numerous messages, including being given some “private photos” that could be considered risky, WellHello convinced me to upgrade for the hundertth time in one hour.


Only premium account holders have unlimited messaging, and a few other perks. These include:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Send unlimited photos and get them back
  • Send Well Hello ‘flirts’
  • See videos of members
  • Video chat
  • Check out who has viewed your profile
  • Testimonials / User reviews
  • Visible email addresses

The following price breakdown is for WellHello’s premium packages:

  • 39.99 USD for 1 Month
  • 12 Months – $139.99

Talk about pricey! These offers are quite expensive for an online dating site that has very few features. Although encourages members to sign up for the 12-month package, the difference in price between the first and second membership packages is a red flag. You can also try the $2.99 trial option, which allows you to access everything for 24 hours. Although I was skeptical that this review could be any worse, considering the costs involved, it is.


There are some positives to this review. Although I am not a fan of WellHello, there are two positives.

First, you’ll see attractive men and women. They may be adult stars, internet models or whatever, but I prefer to look at them rather than a blank background.

This is a second, counterintuitive point. WellHello, while it may seem counterintuitive, is so obvious a scam website that virtually no one will fall for. It is easy to fall for some dating apps that try to hide their deceitful nature. WellHello is clear about this, and it’s unlikely that anyone will purchase a subscription. While a few might be enticed by the promise of meeting the man or woman they desire, most people won’t.


How do you start? WellHello is the worst date app I’ve ever used. And I’ve tried them all.

First, WellHello uses your email address in order to verify that you are real. This is a very shady tactic. It lures people in with the pretense of being legit and then quickly takes your foot off the ground.

The site’s inordinate number of fake profiles is the most annoying thing. It is completely unacceptable. Every other dating site will occasionally use fake accounts, but WellHello is too ignorant to distinguish between real women and women with model good looks. CumAddictKate, a virtual woman, is asking for someone with a blank profile to have sex.

It is difficult to navigate the site. The layout needs to be redesigned on both the desktop and mobile versions. However, the constant stream of pop-ups can drive anyone looking for a date insane. A link to a review or porn site is not something that someone who’s using a dating app will care about. Well Hello believes otherwise.

WellHello has been around for two years. I know that every dating site must start somewhere. WellHello doesn’t seem to be concerned about the fact that their dating site is a facade for other business ventures.

WellHello uses the carny business model when it comes to pricing memberships. Get in, get money, get out. They don’t care about keeping members happy or making it enjoyable. They only want one-time payments (hence the large difference between 12-month and 1-month packages).

WellHello states that it may use your “likeness” to promote its services on other sites. This means that all information uploaded to WellHello accounts will be used for other purposes. Email addresses, personal information, and even photos can all be used. If WellHello creates another dating app, you may find your own profile there as a bot.


Although I didn’t think this WellHello review would be so negative, it is the worst dating platform available.

If I had to give WellHello an overall rating, it would be less than zero. This site is horrible from beginning to end. Avoid this site like the plague. You have a greater chance of being laid by using any other online dating site or app.

Try the big names such as OK Cupid or POF for dating. Tinder and FuckLocal are great options for instant hookups. It’s a waste of your time to use Well Hello.

We hope you enjoy our review