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How to have a perfect FWB relationship

Modern relationships can be difficult, let’s face it. There is no perfect relationship. I will show you a couple that claims their relationship has never been in trouble.

Dating is worse than relationships. The dating world has become a stressful place thanks to apps such as Tinder and Bumble. To be able to have a statistical advantage, you need to schmooze hundreds upon hundreds of women. Most of them end up wanting more or ghosting you.

What if you want to just fuck? What if you don’t want to be a couple? What if love is not your priority? That’s why FWB’s are

You have probably heard of friends with benefits relationships before. These friendships are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a million more benefits than traditional relationships. Are you looking for friends with benefits arrangements? We’ve got everything you need to be someone’s perfect FWB.

What is a FWB?

A FWB (friend with benefits) is someone you can hook up with casually sex when it’s convenient. Although it is related to hookup culture, it works just like a fuckbuddy but has some advantages over fuck buddies.

It is a mutual agreement between two individuals to meet up for sex only. A FWB relationship doesn’t allow for emotional attachment or feelings. This relationship is just two people having fun and exploring their sexual desires.

Friends with benefits mean that you don’t have to deal with the pressures of modern relationships. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t still enjoy some relationship-type activities. While you can still go out for dinner and drink, the main benefit is that both of you are getting regular sex.

The Amazingness of a FWB Relationship

Overexposure is the most common problem in serious relationships. Things can become stale if you spend too much time with one person. This can have a negative impact on the couple’s mental health and also affect their physical relationship.

You don’t have to worry about building or maintaining a friendship with benefits. Because you are only in it for sexual sex, you won’t need to worry about that. Consider the times you had to invite your partner to a party with your friends, or even to your parents’ house when you didn’t want. You don’t have any of those things to worry about with a fuck friend. You just meet up whenever it suits you and don’t need to think about the future.

A friendship with benefits is basically a combination of all the positive parts of a relationship, and multiplies them to a hundred. You can have sex anytime you like, go on dates when you feel like it, and you won’t be required to spend holidays with their families. Perfect.

How to be a great FWB

Do not be deceived. It takes some effort to keep a friend with benefits arrangement going, especially if you are looking to keep it going for the long-term.

First, benefits arrangements for friends are transient in nature. This means that your FWB might have other friends who also have benefits. You may also have multiple FWB’s, which is completely fair. If you are content with your relationship being casual by its very nature, you will not be able to survive a FWB. This gives you no control over their extra-curricular activities.

In a friendship with benefits relationship, communication is key. It’s important to communicate your needs and desires with your friend. Talk to your friend about your goals and communicate them.

A FWB deal is only as good as the trust it builds. You should be able and willing to accept that your FWB may not be able to commit to a date because of other factors in their lives, such as work.

Where to Find A Hot FWB

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