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What is a Slut?

This is the big question. This is the big question. definition of the word: A woman who has many casual partners in sex. Word: noun.

A slut, as the name implies, is a woman who has slept with many men. It’s also easy to get sex with. It sounds pretty straightforward, right? It actually gets more complicated when you break it down.

Let’s suppose there is a woman in her fifties. What if she has only slept with ten men her whole life? Is she a slut or a cheater? No, ten is not a high number when compared to other conquests. What if all those ten partners had sex in the same week? Are they sexy?

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Where do we draw the line regarding a variety of sexual conquests. Thirty? A hundred? Who knows? What if you have had 30 steady relationships and never had a one-night stand? You’ve had sex only with thirty men, but none were reckless or impulsive. Is that enough to make you a slut, or not? What if you have only had sex five times with men, and four of those were during your marriage?

It is difficult to define a slut. However, the most common definition is one that a girl has loose sexual morals and would fuck you for chocolate bars. This is one way to tell if she’s a slut.

Although the term is often used as an insult, it is no longer offensive. The term is less popular year after year and could have been eliminated if conservative governments didn’t keep their eyes on the adult industry and try to control it. In this context, the word “slut” is often used in a derogatory way.

In the old days, a slut was an unclean, inept woman. That sounds wonderful to me. For a night of fun, who wouldn’t want a dirty and slovenly lady? Even better, why not make her your girlfriend? Imagine how sexually adventurous she would be after years of dating if she is a slut.

It’s a good thing to be a slut

To shame and to keep sluts from living up to traditional values, people use the term’slut’. We think that’s a negative thing. The world really needs more slut women.

A woman is a slut if she has a greater sex drive than an average woman and they don’t mind going out to find a cock. This is not the 19th century. It’s fine to have sex and it’s acceptable to get it in large quantities. It’s easy to get it, and we all want it. Let’s not pretend that we won’t have a good time with anyone who has a pulse. Everybody is a slut. Everyone likes sex. This is how it is right now.

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Ironically, the slut term is used only by the prudes. Imagine walking into an alleyway to see a slut being beaten up against a fence, or having her face slapped in cock. Although she may be called a slut among perverse passers-by you can almost guarantee that this woman is having the time and pleasure of her life. Only the men who envy her lazy behavior would have a problem.

An old saying says, “Where I’m from.” A perfect woman is different from a slut. The perfect woman can sleep with anyone, while a slut will sleep with no one but you.

People who believe they know best for women are the ones complaining about promiscuity. Unfortunately, sluts have never asked for anyone’s support. They don’t need your approval, and that’s a hill where they’re happy to go to their graves. They don’t seem to care about being called a sexual deviant, or a womanizer. They’re perfectly fine being sluts. They are happy to give guys a ticket to pleasureville, and they also enjoy having fun.

What Makes Slut Women So Amazing?

It is said that gentlemen like whores. It is a basic truth. We don’t want reserved, dry women, especially in the bedroom. We don’t want to be bored in the sack by a boring slut. While some guys may have just wanted to settle down with a boring girl, many women today want women who are confident in their sexual abilities and ready to use them.

Slutty women are just plain fun. We’ve lost the ability to let loose and have fun in today’s PC culture and fake outrage. When you were young, you would go out and get sex every chance you got. This is how slut women live their lives. They don’t care what others think or worry about marriage or children. They are free to make their own decisions and can teach us a lot about how to let loose.

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Promiscuity can be either a good or a bad thing. It’s just something. It is a term. A woman’s personality doesn’t change by being a slut. A woman can still be a CEO or a nurse, an administrator assistant, or any other job. Some people are not sexually deviants, and they are perfectly fine. Some people are not sexually deviants, and they are perfectly fine. If the media reports are any indication, some of the most famous celebrities of all time were a little slut. Rihanna has had more than one sexual partner. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, even Scarlett Johansson.

Why limit being a slut only to women? This is not a female issue. Slutiness can also be experienced by men. Gene Simmons, Ric Flair and Russell Brand are just a few of the men who have been slutty. It’s all total man whores and that’s a good thing.

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