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TNA Board redefined with a new app – Local users can find and fuck one another within 24 hours.

TNAboard Escort Services – Real or Scam?

Over the last few years, the escort industry isn’t having it easy. It’s been difficult for escorts in recent years to find places to sell their services since the 2018 passage of new laws.

A new website appears every now and again, promising clients and escorts unrestricted access. Many websites have not fulfilled their promises.

TNABoard however, is the latest kid on the block. TNABoard claims to be one of these websites. It also doubles up as an escort review forum that allows members to discuss any illicit encounters they have.

TNA does not stand for what you believe. TNABoard claims it will uncover Truth iN Advertising. Are they a scamming platform or a breeding ground for jilted customers?

First Impressions is a version Adult Friend Finder that offers escort service. The Highlighted Provider Profile is a sultry photo that greets you, and other top providers are featured alongside it. They are all total knockouts and actively seeking clients in any state of the United States. TNABoard appears to be based out of the Pacific Northwest. Washington can even be divided into east and west. The site focuses on the west, from Alaska to Arizona. There is also a section for service providers in Death Valley.

TNA Board has been in business since the beginning, serving clients and providers all along the west coast.

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TNA Board seems to improve as you dig deeper into the details, especially if your location is in the Pacific Northwest where most website users are active. You can also browse specific subheaders on the site’s most popular states.

  • Provider posts
  • Fetish Posts
  • LMA and LMS
  • Weekend Posts
  • Escort Reviews
  • Customer Reviews
  • ISO
  • Discussions
  • Alerts

Although the information about other states is not as extensive as that of the west coast, it’s possible to find treasures in other parts of the United States by clicking on the buttons at the top right. These buttons say “Go Central” and “Go East”. You’ll be able to see more states within your region. This search function allows you to browse only cuties within driving distance. It’s a great way for those who are willing to travel to meet the perfect person.

You can find the perfect babe by looking at their profile. You will not only see their sexy photos and stats but also any alerts they have sent or received. Not all alerts are good reviews. These alerts are essential. If fifteen people complain about the provider’s inability to show up, or if they seem to be having problems with clients, it is best to avoid them. Profiles also include all the worker’s references and “vouches”, so if others have had a good experience with them, you can be sure you will have a great time. Even if there aren’t any reviews, it is important to give newbies a chance. Every girl has to start somewhere, right?


TNABoard’s best feature is the fact that you don’t have to pay a dime.

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TNA Board is completely free to browse if you are just curious. This site respects workers’ privacy as much as clients’. To view escort profiles or access their contact information, you must be a verified member. Registering is easy and free. If you are concerned about your safety, you may use a throwaway address. After signing up, you can view your profiles, create new posts, and review your experience without having to pay a penny.


From what I’ve seen, both clients and workers seem to love TNABoard. It’s an option for both clients and workers to connect, exchange reviews and find what they’re looking for. TNA Board thrives on mutual understanding, unlike USA Sex Guide which has a lot of negative, toxic reviews of workers. It shows in this supportive and vibrant online community.

The website’s rules and regulations page helps ensure that sex workers and clients have a healthy, honest environment. Clients and providers are treated with respect and all are welcome to post their opinions and services on TNA Board. Who are the only ones who are prohibited? The only people who are banned?

It’s logical. It makes sense.

TNA Board has an anti-spam policy. If you are a customer, don’t be concerned about being bombarded by spammers. Workers won’t be forced to compete with frustrated people posting ads fifty times a day.

This website is the ideal site for sex work and other escort services: it’s not sexy, there’s no shame in anyone, positivity, communication, and there’s a real sense that workers and clients are building something safe, honest, and secure together. I know it’s unrealistic, but that is how business models should look. Service providers and clients working together to create a great environment for everyone. You can’t ask for happier results in the world of sexwork.

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You still need to be smart on the web, as with any site like that deals in sensitive topics. It is very helpful to have an alert section for each profile. Cross-reference your providers and request a link to their website or other ads. Learn how to make the worker happy by being a good client. It will make all the difference. is only available to residents of the west coast. Even then, it works mostly in Washington and Oregon. You can only search for Illinois, Texas, or Georgia if you click “go central”. Remember the Death Valley subcategory? Since 2016, there has not been one post.

There might be a few fakes on the site. However, that is pretty normal for hookup pages these days.


If you are looking for a great time and want to be as safe as possible while having a hookup, there is no better place than TNABoard. We have the best escorts in the Pacific Northwest.

TNA Board is as good as any other US city. You should put in the effort and review providers as often possible. This site is quite a find. It’s full of singles, escorts, and a ton of women looking for connections. It allows escorts to connect with a large number of potential clients and vice versa. Although TNABoard may not be as popular as Backpage, it does a good job at connecting locals on the west coast.