Best Craigslist Alternative Sites to Get Laid Right Now

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Craigslist is the best alternative for Sex

Craigslist is a place I have always held dear to my heart. Craigslist was one of few search sites that brought us together and made it easier to navigate the world. You need to find a sofa for your new home? Craigslist can help you find a new sofa. You need to find a place to call home? Craigslist is back! Need a new car? New job? Craigslist will help you find the right job.

A few years back, I searched Craigslist for a job and found three new opportunities within one day. I haven’t looked back since that first job. Craigslist searches help people connect. It doesn’t really matter where you are located, Craigslist is the most visited classifieds search page in the world.

Craigslist’s popularity has declined in recent years. Craigslist still receives 10 million unique hits per day, but the number of search results has dropped dramatically on Craigslist’s most popular pages since 2017.

Why is there a drop in active searches? Craigslist used to have a personals section that reunited people seeking love. You could search the Craigslist personal section for any topic, whether you were looking for a new relationship or a hookup, and it would always be there .

Craigslist’s connections page had a few problems. It was a place that brought people together in love. But it also provided a platform for sex traffickers to find potential clients to recruit their workers. The US Senate passed HR1865, a bill that allowed authorities to prosecute websites such as Craigslist that linked sex workers and clients. Craigslist lost 6 million users that day, which was quite sad.

Craigslist said goodbye to personals after 20 years with this message: “To the millions and millions of partners, spouses, and couples who met through Craigslist we wish you all the best!”

Craigslist’s history was marred by this tragic event. However, many search sites have sprung up to replace it, including Switter and Adult Search. Although nothing has reached the dizzying heights Craigslist claimed, new search sites are trying to fill Craigslist’s shoes.

Craigslist: What happened?

The US government has always placed a high priority on reducing the size of the sex industry. It’s not clear why, but it could have something to do the large amount of money that passes through the sex business and isn’t being taxed. Officials claim that sites like Reddit, Adult Search, and Craigslist were the hubs for online adult activity.

Although it’s an important point, instead of legalizing sex work and making it easier for workers to find clients (and for girls to search for them), the top-ranking officials have decided to shut down the adult market.

These officials are disappointed to find that porn is still available on Craigslist and other sites. It’s impossible to imagine it ever going away. Every day, 70 million people search porn. People would still be able to distribute the porn even if it were banned from the internet. The internet is full of illegal stuff and you can easily find it all with a Google search. It’s obvious that a pornsearch would not be any different.

Instead, the government focused on escorts as well as search sites that allowed people to find and connect with them. Craigslist used to have a section called “Craigslist adult services” where you could post ads and search for working women. This section was renamed Craigslist adult services in 2009 and received stricter moderation by Craigslist staff. Craigslist finally removed the adult services page a year later and stopped all attempts to search Craigslist for escorts.

Craigslist’s super-popular personals page remained in place. However, these were less explicit than the adult services section. In 2018, however, the sex industry suffered a major blow due to a new law that prohibits sex trafficking. Craigslist was the most affected site. This mostly affected Craigslist pages from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Craigslist did however make an international change to its search pages, which is still in effect today.

Craigslist Personals: Where did they go?

Two new laws, FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act), and SESTA (“Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act”), were in effect for 2018. Craigslist was forever changed by it.

Because many of the services available through Craigslist were not being offered by consensual sexual workers, the laws were made. These were being offered by sex traders who were exploiting young girls abducted and forced to the sex trade.

Sites that advertise the services of escorts can be punished with hefty fines. Most sites have decided to close their adult sections. Craigslist was one of these sites, though it was initially believed that a site like Craigslist would be exempt from such a bill.

However, the FOSTA–SESTA law meant that it was impossible to tell the difference between legitimate, consensual sexual workers and girls who were trafficked.

Low-income adult workers were affected by these closures because they had access to free sites like Adult Search and Craigslist. Sites that were less popular than Craigslist and were more difficult for authorities to locate often required a fee to post. These sites were therefore only used by high-end workers. Many escort agencies also took a substantial cut of an escort’s earnings. This often left them with very little at end of day.

The worst part was, however, that the new laws had the exact opposite effect to what they were intended. FOSTA-SESTA was supposed to end sex trading, but it only drove the industry further underground and away from Craigslist. Authorities are finding it harder to locate illegal sex trades, even though they still exist. Although it was a double-edged sword when sex traffickers used Craigslist or Adult Search to place their ads, law enforcement still had the chance to trace them.

The number of sex trafficking offenses in San Francisco had more than tripled in October 2018 than the previous year. In New York City, the number of people arrested for loitering in order to prostitution has increased by an astonishing 180%. This was the first time in 20 years that sex-related crime had increased.

The dangers of being escorted are greater than ever as they have resorted to wandering the streets of cities day and night. Research actually showed that female homicide victims in the US have decreased from 27% to 17% since the Craigslist search page was created. Craigslist was not just a way to find adult workers; it also helped reduce violence.

What happened to Craigslist-using Escorts?

Many of the sex workers who had found clients via Reddit, Craigslist and Adult Search were made to leave. The FOSTA bill was not only affecting every adult worker website, but it also affected many other websites. Similar to Craigslist, many similar websites were also shut down, leaving adult workers and escorts to manage their own affairs. They could not advertise online. An internet search for “escorts near me” returned only 300,000 results in 2018, compared to 2 million in 2017. In the event that their search is flagged by authorities, no one wants to search for sexworkers.

Craigslist’s demise had a devastating effect on the entire adult industry. It forced sex workers into rogue mode and to find other ways to make it work. Some of the most well-known sex workers were able sustain their income via repeat clients and word-of mouth work. The less well-known working women, and those who were relatively new to the scene, had to return to the streets.

Many of them were forced to work as pimps, massage parlors, or escort agencies. They were often forced to go out on their own to find customers and risk their lives. It is not uncommon for escorts to be physically attacked, abducted, or even killed in their line of work. Most of these victims are young girls who have openly walked into strangers’ cars. Although there are conversation trails and IP addresses that can be used to track down offenders from behind a screen at least, it is not possible to do so when dealing with street attacks.

Other adult workers attempted to market their services independently, despite the new laws. Although they used social media and their personal websites to advertise themselves to potential clients. However, none of these platforms had the same reach as Craigslist searches.

Is there a new Craigslist?

Although no site has yet to unite cities the way Craigslist did, a few similar escort-search sites are growing in popularity.

Switter is the best place to find sex workers if you are looking for sex workers. Switter is not able to search for a car, a bed, or a shirt for Manchester United. However, you can search for these things , but there are plenty of working women on this site, many of whom migrated from Craigslist. Switter allows both experienced and new escorts to post photos and advertise their services and search for potential customers.

Adult Search, another great hub for finding escorts, is also available. Although it was hit by the FOSTA bill, it has since rebounded like Craigslist. It’s similar to Switter or Craigslist in that it allows women of the oldest professions to post pictures and ads to find potential clients. Adult Search’s headquarters is not located in the United States, which is why they are able to skirt the FOSTA laws. Adult Search is actually a New Zealand-based business, so there are very low chances that they will be hit as severely as Craigslist.

Another app that picks up from Craigslist is Bedpage. It’s similar to Craigslist in that it is broken down by US states and further into cities and metropolitan areas. You can search for any kink you like and find thousands of results. Bedpage has an active client and escort community.

A simple search for “Alabama” will return a list of search results that are categorized according to search type such as jobs, real estate, and adult. You can also look into the adult section to see search results broken down into categories like Escorts and Sugar Babies, Sugar Babies, Dom & Fetish, and Strip Clubs. You can search for almost anything on Bedpage. You can also find a section on other aspects of life, similar to Craigslist. Simply put, Bedpage is the closest thing to Craigslist you will find on the internet.

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