Best Backpage Alternative? Try This New Sex Sites

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Are you looking for Backpage Alternative Websites? These are some of the best backpage alternative sites.

Backpage is one of the most popular adult-related websites online. It was extremely active and helped to connect customers with escorts in all countries around the globe, from India to Japan to the US. It was easy to find sex workers and one of the best escort websites.

Many internet users have found it difficult to find classified websites like Backpage since the FBI took over the website in 2018. Craigslist and other classified websites have now removed their personal sections because they contained adult-oriented services, which the company did not want to be subject to the same scrutiny as Backpage.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t other options. We’ve put together a list of 7 best backpage options to guide you. Which site is the best Backpage alternative? What platform can even come close to matching the original’s quality? We’ll get there, but let’s first look at the reasons Backpage was closed in the first instance.

Backpage’s backstory

Backpage was first suspected of being involved in the scandal back in 2011. was accused by promoting the human trafficking of children and adults.

These accusations were obviously denied by Backpage, but that was not good. Over the years, the accusations grew in number and continued. The State of Texas eventually issued an arrest warrant against Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer. He was accused of numerous pimping-related offenses. This led to similar charges being brought against him by the State of California.

The federal US government continued to scrutinize the company and eventually brought additional charges and accusations against it. These included money laundering and the use of the US postal service to break US law. These claims led to the US Department of Justice seizing Backpage and closing it down on April 6, 2018, despite the fact that the site had banned any adult-oriented ads in 2017!

Backpage’s seizure caused many other classified ad sites to close down or remove their personal/adult ads. Craigslist is the most prominent, as I have already mentioned. Many sites still post adult ads, even though they have been abandoned by many. They also offer personal relationship ads and adult-oriented services to their visitors.

A word of caution

There are risks involved in using these websites to find adult entertainment or services. It is important to be vigilant when using adult-related websites.

Today, both adult and child human trafficking are very common on websites like those we’ll be discussing later in this article.

You could be placing your personal freedom at stake by using these adult services and escorts, particularly if you hire prostitutes or a nanny. You could end up facing legal problems and possibly a criminal prosecution in some cases. Police and other law enforcement agencies often post free advertisements to lure people who are looking to hire escorts or entertainers.

Before you contact anyone on any of these websites, please exercise caution and remember buyer beware! Let’s now look at the 7 Backpage alternatives in 2020.


VIPFavours is the first Backpage replacement. VIPFavours, however, is not like other best-known classified sites like Backpage. It’s used only as a directory of sex workers and escorts.

Before they can use this classified site, users must register for a free account. Once you have registered, you can search for “providers” and find cam girls registered on the site.

The search engine allows users to filter providers by location and gender.

Another section of the website is for sugar babies. These are, contrary to popular belief, not women looking for sugar daddies to help them. It’s instead a section for high-end escorts, who pay an additional fee to offer their services in this category.


LeoList is Backpage’s most prominent competitor, so it’s not surprising that LeoList is now its most notable successor.

LeoList, unlike the previous Backpage replacement offers a variety of classified sections like Buy/Sell/Trade and Services. The majority of the classifieds are located under the Casual Dating or Personals sections.

You’ll find many options for traditional and non-traditional dates in the Casual Dating section. These include:

  • Transgender Men
  • Trans for Men
  • Couples for Men
  • Gay Men for CoupleStraight
  • Couple for Couple
  • Friendship
  • For couples, women
  • Couples for women
  • Straight Gays
  • Platonic dating
  • Missing connections

These categories are meant for exactly what they name. So if you’re a man looking for. You might be looking for a couple to have fun with. As we mentioned above, you can also find personal-oriented jobs and ads.

These are the categories that make up the Personals section:

  • Male escorts
  • Female escorts
  • Trans escorts
  • Dom and fetish
  • Massage for women
  • Gigs and Jobs

If you search for “adult services”, you will often find escorts that list their service at rates ranging from $150/hour up to $300/hour.

You can place ads under the Gigs & Jobs section for a variety of job opportunities, such as clubs hiring strippers or escort agency looking to hire new talent.


We have next on our list the best alternative for Backpage, Bedpage. This is similar in many ways to Craigslist and Backpage personals. Bedpage, however, lists its classifieds according geographical location. The United States and Canada are the most popular, as opposed to Craigslist’s many categories.

You might assume that Bedpage is dedicated to adult services if it has a name like Bedpage. The site offers many other categories, including Buy/Sell/Trade and Business Services.

You’ll find adult services miscategorized in many of these categories.

Despite this, the site’s Adult and Dancing sections are extensive and include many sub-categories such as:

  • Adult massage
  • Adult jobs
  • Dom and fetish
  • Female and male escorts
  • Transexuals
  • Strippers and clubs
  • Website and phone
  • Cam girls


Ebeckpage is very similar to Backpage , and Bedpage. Ebeckpage actually mirrors the exact same categories and cities as Bedpage.

We have not been able find any information about whether the websites have a common owner. However, it seems safe to assume that they do, based on the fact the website mirrors Bedpage.

Ebeckpage has different ads to Bedpage. This is the main difference. It’s possible that Ebeckpage might have the item you are looking for, even though it isn’t available on Bedpage. Vice versa.


Locanto is a similar site to Backpage, but it allows users to search for classifieds by location and city. The site allows users to post classified ads and personals for free, but these are only a small portion of its website.

You’ll find the following main categories in the Personals section:

  • Relationships that last a lifetime
  • Casual encounters
  • Services for individuals

However, adult-oriented advertisements can be found in most sections of other websites. With Locanto, however, the majority of paid “adult” services can be found under Casual Encounters or the Personals section.

Locanto allows advertisers, like other classified ad sites, to include a photograph along with their advertisement. It seems that the majority of advertisers don’t include images on Locanto. It’s more of an advertiser beware website. However, the website appears to be very popular and offers many free ads.

Locanto users also believe that the site is more private than others because it isn’t just used to find escorts and other adult services in your local area.


Slixa is the next alternative to Backpage. Slixa doesn’t shy away from what they have to offer. It is a directory that promotes adult entertainment and escort services.

Slixa does not offer listings in all areas. Although Slixa’s classifieds site ads aren’t available in all areas, the variety of choices they provide makes up for what they lack in location. The website actually offers many categories, including Sugar Babies, Local Hookups and Pay for Play.

Slixa also offers an option for adult entertainers to verify accounts. This makes the site safer for both them and their customers. Slixa offers an integrated option that allows users to report accounts violating their terms and conditions. This includes:

  • Violating content guidelines
  • Image guidelines not followed
  • Low-quality photos can be posted
  • Spam
  • Profiles/accounts for underage persons
  • Copyright violations

You can access most of the site’s features without signing up. To unlock all features of the site, however, you must first create an account.


Humpchies, a local website that allows users to search for adult-oriented service in Canada, even though the Backpage Alternative may not be available everywhere.

Humpchies categorizes their services according to what the escort or performer offers. This allows them to stand out from their competitors and adds a unique touch. This is similar to how videos are categorized on porn sites. You’ll see categories like:

  • Anal
  • Mature
  • Milf
  • Independent
  • Creampie
  • Swallow and Fellatio
  • BBW
  • Asians and Latinas
  • Squirting
  • Big tits
  • Etc

The website is mostly geared towards French-speaking people. The site does have an English version that can be toggled by clicking the British flag at the top.

Advertisements are often written in French. If you speak only English, you may want to avoid this site. You can still view the website using Google Chrome. This will allow you to translate the ads and see the website in English.

The Best Backpage Alternatives in 2020

These are just a handful of the best best backpage pages we could find that offer adult-oriented services like escorts and prostitutes as well as other types of sex-related activities.

However, just like Backpage, it is possible that these sites may change in the future due to legal reasons.

There are many adult websites out there that activists and governments are trying to shut down. They believe they promote human trafficking, both of children and adults. It wouldn’t surprise to see some of these websites disappear in the same manner as Backpage. We remind you again to be cautious when visiting these sites or signing up for any of their adult-oriented services.

These are the best free classified websites like Backpage that you can find right now. They provide a variety of services and can cater to many different needs at once. We also want to mention that, although we have recommended these websites as alternatives for Backpage, they are not our endorsements.

We do not endorse or support any illegal activity these websites might offer. We do not encourage anyone to use these sites to search for services that might be illegal in their area.