Are you tired of Fling? The Best New App for Sex to Get Laid

Fling Growth Tanking – A new app that allows local users to meet and fuck one another within 24 hours.

Fling App is a Success Guarantee – But Does it Work?

Most likely, you’ve heard fling before. You could classify it as either a noun, or verb. It’s both something you do and something that you do (known as participle in English, but don’t worry about it) You’re likely to do a lot more flinging if you’re lucky.

Fling is a very appropriate name for an app, and its name clearly explains its purpose. Fling is here to help you find casual sex.

There are millions of apps that promise quick sex, just like Fling. According to the dictionary, fling is fling. Noun – A short period of enjoyment or wild behavior,. This website promises exactly that. Grab some cookies, and you’re ready to have more fun than the dictionary.

Can Fling back its claims? Is Fling able to provide endless hookups? Are you ready to be flung? We’ve got everything you need about Fling.

First Impressions

Fling was average at first. Fling’s site has a simple orange and white design that screams simplicity. Personal preferences are to keep things simple when it comes down to hookup apps. Fling’s minimalist approach surprised me as I don’t think there is any need for interactive features. The site looked a lot like Tinder’s orange version at first glance. Unfortunately, those similarities were short-lived. claims it is one of the most popular online hookup sites, with its origins dating back to 2006. Fling claims that it has around 2 million users and 180,000 active users every day. These numbers aren’t as impressive as some of the established dating sites. This was the first warning sign.

But I decided to plunge into Fling, despite my caution. Once you have opened’s homepage you will see the registration page where you can create an account. Fill out the basic information (first or last name and location. The process took only 2 minutes. Most usernames were already taken, so it might be necessary to use the dictionary, thesaurus, or create a few words.

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Fling made no pretenses about its self. This site was created for sex only. To get their point across, the site used many synonyms and related terms on their homepage. You don’t really need any examples. Many profiles contained explicit images, and I was bombarded with messages from girls inviting me to watch their live streams. This might seem like a positive for some people, but it was annoying for me. Average first impressions are generally negative.


Fling uses the traditional dating site approach like OKCupid, POF, or Match. There is no Tinder-style matchmaking system, so you can do your own fling.’s search engine makes it easy to find potential flings.

Fling allows you to search by gender, age, country and area code in its main search box. allows you to narrow down your search results to those who are online, have photos and have verified accounts. Advanced search options allow you to refine your results by gender, height, ethnicity and hair colour. You’ll find your ideal Flinging partner with the help of advanced search options.

Although profiles are very adult-oriented, they provide a lot of information. You will be asked to answer a series of questions, including your body type, height and income. There are also areas for you to highlight your preferences in hooking up. Do you want a one-off affair? An ongoing fling An experimental fling? A word bio is also available to provide information about yourself.

I dug deeper and was amazed to discover that premium users had access to two of three unique features. They all seemed great. Video chat is one example. It allows you to talk face-to-face with potential matches.

Fling live girls are the cam streams I mentioned. offers an affiliate program with a live chat company. Premium users can view the cams for free, while free members pay a fee per cam. Chat with the girls is also available, which allows you to make specific requests.

The most distinctive feature of Fling is Sex Shop – has teamed with a sex company to create its own website. There are many sex toys available, as well as adult videos and costumes. This is a great addition that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

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The three-month guarantee is also available. Fling is confident in its ability to hook people up. They offer a three-month free subscription if you don’t get flung within the first three months. This is a nice bonus, but it could be exploited.


Upgrade to Fling’s gold membership to get the best of Fling. You can’t see other members’ profiles (only their profile pic), text, video chat or unlimited cam streams) without upgrading. Simply put, you can’t view other members’ profiles in full (only see their profile pic), text or video chat with them, or view unlimited cam streams.

Here is the price breakdown for Fling Gold Membership:

  • For $49.99, 1 Month
  • 6-months for $89.99
  • 12-months for $109.99

Yowzers: $49.99 per month is awful value Although the 6- and 12-month packages are not too bad, they are still very expensive considering Fling is not one of the best hookup apps. Fling offers a two-day trial and a week-long trial. My personal opinion is that trials should be free. However, the two-day trial offers the most value for money.

Pros might be the best place to find a sexual relationship with no strings attached. does not guarantee that you will be flung. Although it has a lot of real users which is a positive, the ratio of men to females means that you have to be very attractive to stand out among the crowd or be skilled with your words.

Fling runs quickly on both mobile and desktop computers thanks to its simple design. Registering is quick and simple. Profiles contain enough information that you can get a sense of the person’s personality.

The best thing about the site is the fact that everyone is looking for the exact same thing as you, a fling. This means that you don’t need to worry about small talk and anything similar. It’s easy to get down to business about your sex-only relationship. Cam girls also fling themselves at me like mad, so if that’s what you enjoy, then you will love this option.

Cons has been around for a long time, but it is not what it should be. It doesn’t have a large user base, despite claims that it has millions of users. Also, it can be difficult to strike up a conversation with someone. It is dominated by male users, so be ready for some competition if you are a man. Amazingly, it’s more difficult to get flung than you should.

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The site does a lot to stop fake profiles but it is not enough. Fake accounts spam you with messages, some disguised as ads, and some are scammers. A fake Fling profile can be easily identified by their exotic names, stolen profile photos or a very direct conduct. It is also unnecessarily brutal to see the advertisements for the cam stream.

It seems outdated that the site doesn’t have a matching function. This feature is standard on most sites, even those that are not swiping sites such as OKCupid or POF. It seems a bit outdated to leave it out.

Fling’s high subscription cost won’t attract new users. It is simply too costly, especially since many new users will not be willing to buy a 6- or 12-month package from the beginning. They are left with the extremely expensive 1 month package. It is the most expensive I have ever seen for an app. The dictionary defines fling as verb to throw something violently. Yes, even the dictionary knows Fling has ludicrious prices.

Conclusion is not the best app to find casual sex relationships. is a great app for casual sex. If you can overlook the fact that 88% of its members are men, and you have confidence in your words, you may be able to get some luck. Even if you can tell your noun from the verb, you are not guaranteed to get flung. To have any chance of success, you need to send some serious messages. You can still try the trial period to see how far it takes you.

Fling is for you, if you are a girl looking for a sexual relationship. You will be thrown at a lot of guys. One of the well-known apps is a good option if you want to be flung tonight. Fling is a bad choice unless you are willing to try Act 1 and pray for the best.

Fling, verb, or noun? Get out your dictionary to find another word.